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الشعارات الجاهزة الحصرية للبيع من jefriprayudhis

الإجمالي: 45


( Jefri Prayudis )

New Designer > 1000 items reviewed

مجرد مصمم شعار يعمل بمفرده، مما يخلق الحرية في إنشاء تصميم شعار من عدة أنماط مختلفة. تحياتي حارة

بيت الماس

a simple logo combining a diamond and a house. minimalistic and clean design. suitable for businesses engaged in housing and property.

AED 918

خياط اليعسوب

The logo forms a dragonfly consisting of pins and sewing needles, suitable for businesses in the fields of fashion, garments, convection, etc.

AED 1,285

فلفل ناري

combines fire and bell pepper into a simple logo with a touch of grunge style, suitable for businesses in the culinary field such as restaurants, eatery, cafe, etc.

AED 551

القهوة والراحة

Logos with affinity style are suitable for beverage and food businesses such as cafes and restaurants.

AED 551

ملك الدجاج

A simple and modern "neg space" style logo, combining a rooster, shield and crown

AED 551

منارة إكسكاليبور

A vintage-style logo is a combination of an excalibur sword and a lighthouse which contains many positive meanings such as trust, determination, enlightenment, responsibility, etc.

AED 918

زجاج الخيزران

Simple stylish logo in the form of hot tea or coffee served in a glass made of bamboo.

AED 551

البطلة فن الخط

Line art styled logo with a heroine shooting arrows.

AED 551

علم البيتزا

The pizza logo in the form of a flag with an illustration style is suitable for businesses in the food sector, especially pizza and fast food.

AED 734

طائر البريد

The logo combines a letter or envelope with a bird or owl. with a simple semi-classical design.

AED 551

فرس البحر الفلفل الحار

combine chili or chili sauce and sea horse. with an attractive and charming design. suitable for food products or sauces that are synonymous with spicy and hot.

AED 551

برجر الجندي

The fast food logo is a burger shaped like a commando beret hat with a digger knife stabbing it. suitable for food businesses such as rations or fast food stalls themed military.

AED 551

الغزلان ريفي

The arrow pierced deer skull logo, with a retro grunge style design, is perfect for a hunting community logo or related business.

AED 1,835

علم السمك

a logo with a simple but cool design, a combination of flags and fish, suitable for businesses in the fisheries sector or fishing communities.

AED 734

الكتب والسفينة

The logo combines a book and a ship with a simple and modern design and is easy to apply in a variety of media and colors.

AED 1,468

السمكة الصاروخية

a modern styled logo with beautiful gradient colors combining fish and rocket, suitable for businesses related to fisheries and marine.

AED 551

الثور الحد الأدنى

Line art style logo of awesome bull, simple and minimalis.

AED 551

فانوس الدماغ

This logo combine beutiful lanterns and human brain

AED 551

الطيور والساق

Simple logo combine leg and flying bird, suitable for sport shoes brand or shop etc.

AED 551

هولاند لوب

cute logo suitable for rabbit lover community, or breeder and business related to pet.

AED 551

قميص الكوكب

Logo is combination of Shirt and planet with grunge style.

AED 551

الناس المنزل والمحفظة

This logo suitable for Financial Consultant, House Developer, NGO for Sosial Care, etc.

AED 551

قارب السوشي

Asian style logo, combine slice of fresh fish and avocado with boat suitable for japanese food resto etc.

AED 551